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CB550 Cafe Racer

Posted on August 25, 2009 by Scott in Café Racer, Classic. 13 comments

One of our favourite forums is the SOHC4 forum. They always have the most amazing Cafe Racers being posted by their members. Like this spectacular yellow 1976 Honda CB550 by Chris from New Jersey. He purchased the original bike for only $600 and has turned it into one of the sweetest cafe racers we have seen this year. We are definitely bias to the Benjies style of cafe racer. The tank, seat and paint job are absolutely perfect. Hit the jump to see Chris’s build pics and more details about this beast.

  • Nomad

    One of the best looking 550 cafe’s, just amazing.

  • Andrew

    Where is the battery on this? does it even have one??

  • Richard

    I belive the battery is under the hump in the seat.

  • Chris Cafe

    It’s probably a strictly kickly. Batteries are too heavy.

  • pantsfullofsmartie

    The battery is part of the paint( hence the brighter gold color because it is energized ) I have seen this before on hybrid gas/electric light bulbs. SWEET CAFE!!! NICE WORK.

  • rudy g

    The battery is hiding right with the rear tail light in the hump as well as the electrical stuff nice bike its bikes like this one that inspired me to buld my own

  • Jim B

    Yes the battery is definitely in the hump along with all the electronics. This is a common practice to relocate the battery/elect. for a modern day "minimalist" cafe racer look. I myself am doing the exact same modification on a '77 CB550. This is a very inspiring bike to me and exactly what I am looking to do to my own. Love it!

  • marcus

    there is no battery because it has a battery eleminator…kinda like a capasitor….stores energy from the stator and sends it to the ignion thru the coil when needed…think about it…the therory has been around for decades…..Instein…

  • sir.Toby

    I sell battery eliminators got a whole stack of them… hell don’t even know what to do with them. you can pick one up at my place for a bottle of Jack D…

    • Fireguy024

      how much you askin?? cant send JD thru the mail…just got done strippin down my cb550 and lookin for 1…u can reach me at fireguy024@yahoo…thanx

  • Mcboomport

    this this is sick!! Perfectio

  • Mcboomport


  • the wiersma

    very nice job it looked great its a inspiration for my own caferacer cbx 1000 6 cil project