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Yamaha SR400 – The Varkain

Posted on October 2, 2010 by Scott in Café Racer. 9 comments

A few months ago we featured another SR400 built by Raider Motorsports in Coffs Harbour. Well, it looks like they’ve been up to their old tricks again – turning stockers into rockers. Their latest bike is the black sheep of the family and is appropriately named The Varkian – which is Finish for “By Stealth”. “As with all our motor-sickles, the Varkain is 100% designed and hand-built in our garden shed” says Maurice from Raider Motorsport. “The frame has been stripped, all the ugly OEM brackets and mounts hacked off before a trip to the sandblasters and then over to the powder-coaters. The engine has been disassembled, all clearances and OEM tolerances checked and/or refined prior to reassembly and some trick heat-proof coatings and making of lots of shiny bits and pieces. Engine side cases are powder-coated, as are the rims and hubs. The Varkain has a stack of custom and handmade accessories, far to many to mention and more than you can see in the pics, plus the usual neat bits and pieces our customers have come to expect, like new wiring loom, LED warning lights, new vintage Firestone tyres, new seat from our Nitro-Bed range, new custom paint, blah blah blah and stacks more!”If you want to view more pics of the Varkain build, from “stripped and naked to all dressed up and ready to play”, visit the Raider Motorsport gallery. The bike is for sale and is currently at Chidiac Motor Group showroom in Sydney if you want to check it out in person.

  • Jurp

    hell of a bike, I did the brake light!

  • Pamberjack

    Superb. Just enough and not an ounce more. Well done Raider!

  • revdub

    wow. that's a stunner. awesome work, gentlemen.

  • its me

    hey look, another sr with firestones on it

  • tedmen

    love it, nicer than the deux et machina stuff.

  • onceiwaslittle

    The most awesome bike I have ever seen. I actually dreamt about this last night… yeeee my dream bike

  • Frank Bauer

    nice bike! I have question … did you combine the original swing arm with the 4″ champion de luxe? looks like it would be a 5″ but that woulndt fit i think. maybe you used another torque rod e.g. Bore Ace because this is the part that collides first … ?

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