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Honda CB750 Dunstall

Posted on September 7, 2010 by Scott in Café Racer. 12 comments

We always love receiving motorcycles from our readers in far away places. This Honda CB750 café racer was built by engineering student Ilkka Töyli from Finland. The bike has an original Dunstall racing tank, clubman bars, Suzuki GT front end /w dual disc brakes, Dunstall rear sets, chromed swingarm and a seat built by Ilkka himself. “I also designed the Dunstall logo on the tank purposely to resemble the old Ducati double-line logo” he says. The bike took around 10 months to build and is Ilkka first ever bike – not bad for a poor engineering student.


  • Jurp

    Cool bike, Nice job!

  • Anyone know where i could get the Dunstall logo font? It looks like the old Ducati logo font.

  • Mike

    Classy (not) the way the frame tubes stick out from under the tail section.

  • caferacer

    Pretty cool bike, and congrats. But why on earth is this called a Dunstall? a) no it's not, b) it's not at all representative of Paul Dunstall's work. A tank shape and bolt-up rearsets don't count. Just please come up with a different name.

  • Peter

    No respect for the vintage at all. Have a good think about what you've done Ilkka and try again. Oh and I think you could use more racing stripes.

  • Darma Bum

    Cool! Very nice – tastefully sorted. I like the Dunstall style and tank on this CB750 – it wears it well. Nice first build Ilkka – Good stuff.


    First go at a bike, not bloody bad! Sure could have some improvements here and there, but a 1st bike, NICE! stay at it! id like to hee the haters 1ft crack. this think kicks ass over mine!


    Kumo, cant remember the what the fonts called (someone made one based on the original logotype). but you can get all the logo .eps's here.

  • Pamberjack

    The only thing that bugs me is the Ducati font on the Honda bike…

  • The pipe would drag if you take the corner hard. I know it because my pipe is set about the same way on my CB750. Haha.

    The frame pipes under the tail bug me. That kills eye movement when you follow the line.
    Other than that, I think it is nicely done for the first bike. I know it is hard to make it work when your funding is limited. Bit too Carpy-ish for my taste now but You will develop your style, Ilkka. Keep going.

  • Chris

    That bike looks great, I love everything about it. I hope mine comes out half as nice.

  • cmotion

    i like all these douchebags that try to apply there "resto" criteria to a custom build – "oh it's not this and it's not that" "that's not the right bolt for this and that's the wrong sticker there" it's a friggin' custom build – there's no 'right' way to do it. stick to your resto forums douchebags…