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Video: Cafe Cowboy

Posted on April 8, 2011 by Andrew in Video. 19 comments

My long-suffering wife (who I love VERY VERY much – in case she happens to read this) will always quiz me on the odd occasion I take her out to an expensive restaurant or surprise her with flowers and chocolates with a question along the line of “why can’t you do this more often?” My response is as predictable as it is invariable; I always tell her “hey, if we ate lobster every night it wouldn’t be a luxury anymore would it?”

Well, keeping that thought in mind, I’d like to invite you to watch yet another killer short film on the art of making custom motorbicycles. In this vid, we get a sneak peak into the world of Dustin Kott from Kott Motorcycles. This little masterpiece was shot by a photographer and illustrator who goes by the very noble name of Benedict Campbell. He’s been shooting photos for the Ad Industry for over 20 years and if his stills are anything like his motion work, i’ll be hiring him to shoot my next wedding after my current wife divorces me for using the deeply personal moments in our relationship as fodder for writing Pipeburn articles. Ahem.


  • Paddy

    Tastefully done. Not too pretentious or preachy. And it didn't have any horrible music like the opening number of Todd Blubaughs' video.
    Well done!

  • Emaychee

    I'm glad videos like this exist. They prove that builders don't all fit into the perceived 'scenester' aesthete that people are so quick to assume.
    Thanks for posting this Andrew, appreciate it as always.

  • Ratchop

    Love it. Im in the beginning of doing this. Its uplifting to know that someones had the same idea and succeeded.

  • Tally Ho

    Hey Ratchop, ain't you the one slagged everybody on this blog a few days ago in a very foul-mouthed and childish fashion? That was you wasn't it?

    I wonder how you got the nerve to post up that reply above. I sure hope you show us your video when it's done so we can show you the meaning of civilsed critique.

  • Nice video!

  • Kenoath

    I think someone is trying to tell me I really should open up a shop. Even though I know sweet f.a :p

  • jack

    really nice video. i dont know about those seats though, but it takes all types i guess.

    and yes, its refreshing to see a video that doesnt try to copy the shinya kimura video of last year, or reek of pretentiousness.

  • Dave in Kalifornia

    Cool vid, great bikes, skilled builder… Kott has always turned out good stuff. Love his old truck, too.

  • jak

    best yet

  • meh


  • Trav


  • Matt (from England)

    Fantastic work

  • benzeno

    Nice but road shots of only 1 bike?

  • I love his gloves! what are they??

  • Great video – yep it is subtle and tells a good honest tale. Now I just need my wife (who I love VERY VERY much) to work harder in our shop so I can retire and live the life that Dustin leads.

    And get a nice old ute like his too.

  • Slideways

    There is plenty that I don't like about the lifestyle but the vidoe is amazing and so are the bikes and the visions of the builder.

  • carpy750

    looks like a marlboro add. you selling bikes or the image? Dont forget to pose for the camera..

  • Jeremy

    grow up Carpy.

  • hayduke

    I love the video.

    Great work but why is it that half the people on this blog are such negative nancies? Who gives a shit what style you like or don't like, if they guy is a hipster, pretentious or just doesn't fit what your definition of what a "real" rider is? Get over yourself no one gives a shit what you think.

    I really like this blog but the comments really turn me off. I encourage the author to deny the jerk off comments.