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The Gear Heads Film – Revival Cycles

Posted on October 9, 2012 by Scott in Video. 12 comments

This aesthetically pleasing mini documentary was shot by filmmaker and photographer Ryan Scheer for Helm boots. There are six in the series and this one focuses on Alan and Stefan from Revival Cycles in Austin, Texas. The guys talk about their love for motorcycles and how grateful they are to be doing what they are doing – narrowly escaping a life in the dreaded cube farm.

  • Scott

    Love it, Right on Guys…

  • gypsy

    ive tried to watch this vid several times now with no luck it only loads to like 1:30 then just stops ….????? and i tried it on the helm boot site didnt work there as well … please help want to watch

    • Really? Works fine for me. Anyone else got problems playing it?

  • Dan-O

    why are they using dentist type lights instead of turning on the big fluorescent above them? just kinda bugged me.

    • RS

      Haha…They used the “dentist” lights for aesthetic reasons. The fluorescent lights are always on when they are actually working on bikes.

  • Singletracker

    “I’ve jumped out of an airplane, and it’s as scary as shit” lol funniest comparison to what it feels like to ride a motorcycle I’ve heard in a while. Like the entrepreneurial attitude, good job guys!

  • I loved it, from their story to their their bikes. Good ish.

  • bryan kerswill

    Good stuff guys

  • Jim

    i saw one of their bikes at a recent motorcycle rally in luckenbach. it was an interesting moto guzzi, but the seat tail was out of place. the bike actually struck me as cookie cutter going along with the recent cafe racer trend and was only cool because it was a guzzi.

    anyway, i really hate their attitude against the so called “cubicle farm”. this us versus them attitude doesn’t show an appreciation for others and exhibits a lack of understanding. i work in a cubicle but also ride a motorcycle. solving, or at least attempting to, technological and mathematical problems creatively and elegantly is just as zen-like, albeit in a different way, as when i ride my motorcycle. their scoffing attitude shows disrespect. in fact, that ducati motorcycle behind them was most likely designed with help from a so-called cubicle farm: designers, material scientists, mechanical and electrical engineers, marketers, manufacturers, accountants, etc. these things don’t happen like magic. the same goes for their designer clothes.

    and how i’m safer and more in control on a motorcycle than in a house or at my job blows my mind a bit. these guys are typical austin yuppies (ad hominem?). p.s.: i live in austin as well.

  • Durka

    I love their “Us vs. Them” attitude about what you do to make money. Get the fuck over yourself already. I ride, and you ride. That’s cool enough. Nice bikes, for some Austin hipsters.

    • Conrad

      Nice snap judgment Durka. I bet their responses were in relation to why they changed course in their lives as two guys that had professional training in completely different fields than they one they chose ultimately. I would bet the compromise of $ vs. passion is a bit more the intended point rather than ego.

      • Brandon Kirkwood

        yup! They are my inspiration! just got fired and im opening a shop.