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1968 Triumph Daytona

Posted on July 19, 2012 by Andrew in Café Racer, Classic. 60 comments

The band Radiohead’s second album “The Bends” was exceptional. However, their third album “Ok Computer” was a masterpiece that blew everyone away and is considered one of the greatest albums of all time. This could in fact be the story of the young Swedish builder Adam Nestor with his creations. He built this exceptional Triumph which was his equivilant of  ‘The Bends’ album. However, before it could receive all the acclaim it deserved (it did win many accolades in Sweden), it was eclipsed by his jaw-dropping Madame Guzzi boardtracker that got worldwide recognition as one of the best builds of the year. Which meant most people (including us) missed a couple of his earlier bikes that are worthy of putting on his greatest hits list. This is Adam’s second build and again he shows off his amazing fabrication skills and creative thinking.

The project started when Adam’s dad bought an old 1968 Triumph Daytona off a friend. Lucky for Adam his dad decided to give it to him to work his magic – gotta love dads. The bike was totally stripped down for a radical rebuild. Adam started by modifying the frame, fork and creating the rear swingarm. “The bike has some italian style I think, with the exhaust and swingarm etc” says Adam. The Daytona 500cc engine was then taken apart and reconditioned, keeping the stock Amal carbs and 4 speed gear box.

Most of the components on the bike have been hand made by Adam. He fabricated the stunning rear sets, hand grips, ducati inspired exhaust, headlight and oil tank. The aluminium cone that looks like a small speedo is actually an amp meter. The thin seat was also made by Adam and upholstered by Swedish saddlemakers One Stop Shop. The fuel tank is a Dunstall which has also been modified. He choose 18″ Morrad rims with Avon tires. The motorcycle was painted by Adam in a unique red colour found on many Swedish homes.

When Adam was given the bike his dad said one thing to him: “if I give you this bike you have to build something cool”. We think he did his dad proud, what do you think?

If you want to see more photos of the build process, check out this detailed thread – in Swedish.

[Photography by Siwer Olsson]


  • arnold

    Stunning. Clearly the spokes model winner.ald

  • Glennis

    Wow, would be nice but for , the silly wrap, fugly headlights and no guards.

    Oher than that., hard to fault.

  • GuitarSlinger

    This Triumph is pretty nice . Not bad at all actually . Definitely showed some promise . The Guzzi mentioned though ? OMG … Promise accomplished . OTT stunning and one of the best Guzzi customs I’ve ever laid eyes on . Yup ! Them Scandahovians really got something going on when it comes to Custom Cars n’Bikes as well as Hot Rods . Especially when they build one based on one of their own vehicles ( SAAB’s Volvo’s , Nimbus etc ) . Yup . The Scandahovians . Second only to us Yanks ( neyaaaah ) in the Custom Car/ Bike World . So when y’all Antipode types plannin on catchin up ? Or are y’all content in letting those cold weather Viking folks run a mile ahead of y’all ? ( wink wink 😉

    • GuitarSlinger

      BTW all you Antipodean site mates . The above really was intended to wind you up a bit . All in good fun of course ! Me likes you’s Antipodes . But dang if those Scandinavians aren’t making a run for our ( US ) #1 spot in Custom/Hotrod Bikes & Cars

  • pushrod mofo

    Love the rear brake cable / lever mechanism. I’m also liking the pipewrap on the kickstart lever. Any info on how long this build took?

  • Ur Momma

    Sweet bike but Radiohead is overrated crap…

    • $30724656

      Thanks for the Radiohead update I was under the mistaken impression that they were good.

    • King

      thanks for your insightful comment. Just for reference, so I might find out what real music is, where can I find your CD?

    • arnold

      They certainly need better stage confabulators.

  • revdub

    Beautiful work. Gives off a steampunk vibe.

    • revdub

      Never mind.

  • Swivel

    Why didn’t he use his head and reverse the head so the pipes went out the back of the motor? It would have run cooler than pipes under the seat and tank and looked way cooler.What exactly is it built for?,you can’t race it or ride it anywhere.Karl Lagerfeld’s patio?

    • arnold

      And a link for you as well. Shows good thinking on your part.

      • Swivel

        British Triumph drag bikes and choppers did the the head turn around trick decades ago.A decent aircleaner like a Harley one would stop most carb intake wind pressure running problems.The exhaust going out the back can run cooler in fact,It’s not really a problem with the back cylinder on Harleys is it.

        • arnold

          We have done our public service for the day. Education is a sad thing to waste.

        • glennis

          A Brittish Triumph as opposed to a what dude? A British one?

          When the fuck did HD ever design a proper airbox?

          And this bike is not an HD.

          • Swivel

            A British drag racing Triumph or a British built Triumph chopper.A decent airbox as opposed to some fashion victims open sucking nozzles to get some dust to ruin a motor in no time flat.This bike is not a H-D,but I’m sure the builder wishes it was…..Have you had a recent head injury?,substance abuse problems that affect clear thought and comprehension?

  • Dan

    Fantastic work and style. Love the stripped-down simplicity. Another great creation by a very talented and creative designer/fabricator.



    • GuitarSlinger

      Or maybe the guy just likes where he placed the pipes and doesn’t want to BBQ his inner thighs ? Seriously mate . There’s no doubt the exhaust wrap thing is being a bit over done of late … but at least its an overdone that serves a purpose . Unlike the ‘ Loaf of Bread ‘ saddle syndrome ! :o)

      • SmokeyTheBear

        Amen. All this hate on pipewrap from people who have never burned their leg on the exhaust… My only question is why does he need an ammeter, is the charging system that unreliable?

        • It is a Brit bike after all.

        • arnold

          Yes, you can never completely banish Lucus, god of darkness.

    • I’m going to use pipe wrap for that very reason; the pipes look like crap and I need to cover up all the dings and dents. I have nice chrome mufflers off a Sportster, though, so I’ll leave them exposed.

    • The days of local chrome plating job shops are long gone – it’s too expensive to meet current EPA standards. To have pipes plated today you have to ship them off to a big, expensive (but quality) plating services. In Austin in the 70’s there were several plating shops that we took stuff to and they would polish and plate them for reasonable prices. I guess all we’re left with is pipe wrap and high temp paint – or ceramic coatings if you can find a place to do it. Sometimes it’s cheaper to have custom stainless pipes made.

  • $30724656

    This bike has so many beautifully done aspects to it all of which are essentially ruined by what I can only characterize as a completely ridiculous looking exhaust system. From the unbelievably poorly shaped headers to the bun roaster under seat mufflers (or whatever those canisters are) and the absolutely worst job of pipe wrapping I think I’ve ever seen.

    • davmo

      Yeah, really trying to overlook some things and say I dig it, but the pipes close proximity to tank, petcock (directly above the pipe) carbs, and hoses, makes this one more an art bike than a practical rider, IMO. The fabrication skills are great, just needs some design changes. and Kevin, the word you were looking for is “nut roaster.” Ouch.

    • I like the pipe location. Something a little different for this style of bike. Brings to mind the MotoGP rides that could easily influence a young builder. Looks like he put some screening around the pipes right under the seat that may keep it a little cooler. I think I’d want some insulation under the seat, however.

  • I think this lad is becoming a force to be reckoned with. I like it and all the custom fabricating he did. I noticed the Italian influence, just couldn’t put my finger on it until reading the article. If you put your finger over the gauge in the first pic, it looks better (the bike, not your finger.) Add a brake light and a plate and take it on the road.

    Edit. I just noticed the little tiny tail light. Now, where should the plate go?

  • King

    front fork and headlights- wow!! god this thing is pretty. well done.

  • dingo

    I’m curious as to what that wee little thing that looks like a tiny red light poking out of the crank case/transmission is. Looks like it’s in the right position to be a crankcase breather?

  • This guy has a ton of skill. Would love to see what he could do to a gb500

  • It wasn’t until I scrolled back up and reread the title that I realized this wasn’t some wacky moped. It just looks so light.

  • Oldnbroken

    Custom bikes are new to me and what I love about them is you get to decide what you want, not what Honda or Ducati offer you in the way of style but what suits your individual taste in design choice.

    Great red Adam, to you it may say Swedish home but to me it says old fashion red lead primer, earthy and unfinished.


    • THAT’s where I’ve seen that red before. I knew it looked familiar.

  • Mgmue mgmu

    Oh man I love this bike. The stripped down to the bone & appearance of simplicity is fantastic, certainly not easy to do with the sheer amount of work that went into it. My only wish would be some fenders – to keep it day to day usable. What an amazing bike.

    • Swivel

      Y’r easily impressed by B-grade junk! Just think If he actually put the same amount of effort into the bike to actually ride,and not just to wheel around to shows as “cafe art” .Hang it on a wall somewhere,Picasso! The quality of “builds” these days is dismal.

      • Mgmue mgmu

        Why are you replying to anyone & everyone that has a positive review of this bikes appearance? Post your own opinion but what is your point about reviewing my opinion? Lonely Saturday night? Dude, put down the game controller, bum 20 bucks from your mommy, go upstairs & out the door. Experience life. Maybe next time, make your own wheeties so mommy doesnt piss into yours tomorrow.

        My opinion of the asthetics are just that, my opinion.

        I do think though it needs some period big drums & better shocks on the rear – along with the aforementioned fenders – to be a more day to day rider. What the hell is wrong with cafe art? As far as art is concerned, it holds more appeal than other art forms.

        • Swivel

          Because its not a bike,it’s just masturbation.It’s not built to actually use on the road or the track.It’s appearance is not important to me in this thread,the fact that is is not a bike to ride is much more the issue.I’m amused by guys who make offensive assumptions on the internet about people who they don’t agree with and have never met and I often make it a point to meet them face to face worldwide in person to see if their online personae resembles the body.It rarely does in my experience.Art:have you ever in your life seen fine art in person or are you merely talking out of ignorance in fact?…If you actually read my first posts about this I made no comments on its fashion looks,it was on design and function.Don’t let the facts get in the way,of course…

        • Dr Boffin

          Even more annoying than the haters are the hater haters… I guess that makes me a hater hater hater.

      • Come on. You have to give Adam credit. He has some skills for a 20 year old.

      • Alec

        ….. I would really like to see your bikes and project, just to see how a professional builder does it because it sounds that you know everything about how to build a motorcycle … So please help us and Adam, how are we to proceed?

  • Maty

    external front springs look maaaaaaad!
    beautiful bike!

  • arnold

    I am wondering what the feature is at the bottom of the downtube and wired to the frame under the RHS case. Cameras?

    • Good eye. What IS that thing? There aren’t any pics that are close enough to it to make it out.

    • arnold

      lap counter/timer/position indicator?

      • arnold

        From the magazine cover at his forum , the piece at the bottom of the downtube looks like a typical cooler for a zener diode. There is another appliance for track timing under the RHS on the frame. Snyggt. ald

  • Spear

    Not my taste, just looks like it has been undercoated. Yuk

  • JimmyR14

    I like it. It’s not my favourite bike here but it’s beautifully done. I have a friend in Sweden and from what he tells me what you folks see as a design flaw is actually brilliant Scandinavian thinking. The pipes are a form of central heating because Sweden is extremely cold. I like the headlights too, which are small because they will fit in the flatpack more easily that way.

    I get the impression that a lot of folks here have a pretty limited view of what a motorbike should look like. I think there’s room in the world for all sorts. I personally wish there were fewer pointy tailed plastic rocketships around, but they seem popular.

    • Swivel

      Have you ever ridden a real fast “pointy”sportbike? Very few people have the skills and balls to ride them fast,honestly..Or was that a “fashion statement” thing.This thing not a road bike or a race bike,what is it for? Entertainment for bored dudes on the web?

      • JimmyR14

        Heaps of bikes on here are not road legal where I live. It doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be built. I didn’t see the point of endlessly mentioning that if it were my bike it would have to have fenders and mirrors and indicators. That’s kind of obvious. And do we really need to read that every time? I’m sure it wouldn’t be difficult to make this bike street legal if desired, and maybe it wouldn’t look as good.

        I do think that the best bikes manage to have all the boring bits included and still look amazing. But I don’t mind if they don’t – this is a place to look at bikes, not buy them. I see these blogs as a form of daydreaming, and really, what else are they?

        As far as pointy tail sportsbikes, well I do see them as ugly I’m afraid. They all look the same and are capable of vastly more performance than I could ever use. More performance than anyone can possibly use on a public road. Pointy but pointless. I am perfectly happy with less performance and a more fun, individual looking ride. My bikes still have way more performance than I need but look wonderful to me. And that’s all they need to do.

        • Swivel

          I don’t daydream.”Dreaming is fine,but reality is way better.”

        • That’s the scary part me thinks. The only dudes I see on super bikes are teens or twenty somethings that want performance, but don’t have the skills for it. With supers, I think it is about knowing you have the power, even if you don’t use it (kind of like most sports cars.) But if a kid can buy a bike that’ll do 180+, he should be required to have the training to use it.

          • arnold

            As a group they call these kids organ donors.

      • I would love to ride this on the street.

  • Zundap

    Really needs the wrap no matter the condition of the pipes. Good move. ..Z

  • Oldroadie

    Very nicely done and with lots of attention to small details. Neither of my rebuilt bikes even comes close to showing this much attention to small details. A close up of the grips and the right rear would have been most welcome.

  • Bryan Kerswill

    Very nice, i like the clean simple lines, although the colour looks like the primer they coat warships with…..and i,ve seen too much of that.