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DariztDesign’s 16th Attempt – “Elang Langit”

Posted on February 19, 2013 by Andrew in Bobber. 40 comments

The miracle of flight is a pretty amazing thing when you stop and think about it. Sure, your average bird makes it look incredibly simple and beautifully effortless, but when you really look into what’s going on to keep it suspended up in the wide blue yonder, it’s nothing short of breathtaking. Which brings us to the bike du jour, Darizt Design’s ‘Elang Langit,’ or Sky Hawk. As the name indicates, the bike also manages to look both effortless and simple while hiding a plethora of beautiful details that reveal themselves like bolts from the blue to those who are keen of eye.

Here’s Agus, boss man and founder of Darizt. “Early on, the owner gave the bike the name ‘Elang Langit,’ meaning ‘Sky Hawk’ or ‘Osprey’ in Indonesian. He wanted something truly unique, and so we agreed to do a full build from the ground up.”

“The engine is from ’81 Kawasaki KZ 200, which is a favourite of ours, but we bored it out to 250 cc. Pretty much everything else including the frame, front springer, swing arm and linkage, gas tank, seat, fender, foot and forward controls, handle bar, exhaust pipe, as well as the paint are unique and homemade by DariztDesign.”

“Both wheels are identical, with 19 – 1.85 rims, 19 – 3.50 tires, and some hubs taken from a Kawasaki KLX 150. Both brakes are rears from a Yamaha YZ80.”

“We went with no battery this time; the box under the seat is for CDI and the ignition key. The rear lamp is made from a used spark plug and the LED light inside is from a lighter (no, I don’t understand it either – Andrew) and it’s powered by small watch battery. To finish things off we added a nice set of bicycle handgrips in leather.”

  • panther

    ..means blinking LED from cigarette lighter.

    • What lighters have blinking LEDs in them?

      • Ur Momma

        There is a rear lamp? Looks like a deer whistle.

      • nathas909

        God I can buy lighters here that shine a projection of a nice looking lady onto a surface. You have to see them….

        • Grendel Medlord

          I could never want something so crass, but for those boorish philistines who appreciate such vulgarity, where could they get their unwashed hands on such a lighter?

          • Robert Lawton Ridgway

            lol- hope everyone gets the sarcasm! maybe you ought to add a ‘bazinga!’.

          • nathas909

            They are everywhere here in Shanghai. The cigaret vendors love showing the foreigners their wacky lighters.

      • here in asia we have disposable lighters with LED lights at the bottom since brown-outs are typical here…

  • Blueline

    I really like the springer front end. This whole bike looks like one those boulevarde cruiser pushbikes, just low slung and ready for cruising.

  • nathas909

    God you can forget Portugal, Germany, Spain, USA it seems Indonesia just seems to have an outstandingly unique style of bike building all of its own and I am guessing it is down to limited resources pushing imagination.
    This thing is just out of the ball park. Sooooooo nice.
    The only thing I would do, a very small thing, is change all the nuts and bolts to nice anodized (or what ever) black ones.
    Well done.

    • ccc40821

      Only Indonesia? Now you’re pushing it…

  • revdub

    And now for something completely different. This is a true “custom,” in the fullest sense of the word. I’m amazed at the level of homemade parts. My favorite elements are the seat setup and swing arm. Awesome work!

    • Agreed big time. Just taking a bike apart down to the nuts and bolts and putting it back together is quite a process of it’s own – but then add making parts from scratch! Just making a tank would take me months. This bike has the look of an old school flat tracker with modern updates or a DKW RT 125 on steroids. I still haven’t figured out how the rear suspension/seat work – it looks like something Escher would design – intrigueing. Brilliant.

      • I get the rear suspension now. Think Vincent-HRD with modern shock and cool seat attachment. Man, I gotta look at this bike some more!

        • revdub

          Your bike knowledge is admirable, Manxman! You always have a good reference.

          • arnold

            Mr Manx’s Bio says in his youth he started riding with the Cole Younger gang.
            Also that he was Sonny Barger’s ‘muscle’.
            Chuck Norris respects him.

          • Thanks for the kudos, revdub and arnold – always gentlemen. But I think my publicist has exagerated. At least that’s what my ex-wife, her lawyer, my shrink, my parole officer and the lady at the DMV say. My claim to fame is that I rode shotgun in the winning Cyclops II in the 1965 Targa Florio. No, don’t bother to google it – the car was disqualified by the FIA for being too fast. As Penske would say, “an unfair advantage”. ;^]

          • arnold

            Manx the place to be this week end is Daytona. My Brother has a place in Sanford . I openly display my personal stupidity for not being there.

          • There’s always bike week in March for the Daytona 200 – plus you’ve got a place to stay!

    • nathas909

      I love the way the tank is mounted, and the two bits of nicely shaped metal that come over the front.

  • Corey

    This is how you take photos, people. Look, you can even see the rest of the world we live in the background.

  • anucray

    This is a absolute piece of art.. Very Refreshing..

  • Joey

    That is true customization. The way the seat hides the rear shock is just beautiful.

  • Davidabl2

    It is astonishing that this is a one-off…if it was a production bike they’d be exporting small numbers of them all over the world

  • Davidabl2

    ..But they’d need some sort of headlight 🙂

  • Daritz does it again, a true one off !

  • Oldnbroken

    Now that would get some nods of approval at the traffic light where I live from blokes with big beards driving dented old utes. Chalk one up for Indo style there.


  • Lewn

    Love the throttle, mono-shock, matching wheel sizes, bespoke frame with really nice welds, just freaking nuts. Even though there is little here to suggest it, there seems some influence from the simplicity of a bicycle. This bike looks bobber styled, if they made a street tracker version with a cone and different seat, that would be even more yg mengagumkan.

  • m lind

    What a nice piece of work. The fork looks a lot like the Mert Lawwill leader fork that came on early 1990’s mountain bikes. But I’m sure Mert got his inspiration from something earlier in history.

  • Amazing looking bike! Favorite part the front springer & handlebars.
    I’d love to see a straight front and rear photo as the bike looks super slim

  • arnold

    Geeze Louise, don’t leave me with the last word. The ideas integrated into a very fine looking bike are awe inspiring. Fabrication at a level that is incomprehensible to me. The detail I like the best are the lugs and cap screws, some nicely countersunk, that seem to be everywhere and hold a lot of it together. Perfect, it isn’t, but what a beautiful, seeming functional, concept.ald

  • Nice to see a builder spend some time and effort on installing good hardware. This is a really neat piece!

  • JeroenB

    Love it, I really love it! Especially the suspension, brilliant. It took me a few minutes to get over the disk brakes, but reading the comments here I now dig the whole thing.

  • MP

    Usually don’t comment here, but this one is great, ticks all the boxes for me!

  • this bike is so beautiful isnt the forks and the whole finish

  • Hamish Lamont

    Yep, that's a damn cool bike; lots of clever stuff going on. That frame, the cantilever monoshock and Springer fork, the visible throttle cam; it really is a work of art. Next version needs a big Triumph twin!!

  • Iwan Novriza

    Like look Kawasaki KZ200 Bro… and I Like this… Salute

  • hasrat

    very nice bike, full with arts.. is it really hand made? what is the builder website name? i need to know..

  • barney

    Nice workmanship. Interesting bike.