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1982 Honda CB750K

Posted on August 13, 2013 by Scott in Racer. 26 comments

This is an interesting one. Usually when people build a bike as an ‘art project’, the bike will either become a trailer queen or end up sitting in a garage and rarely ridden. Not this one. It may have been photographed in the builders art gallery, but it has already raced at Bonneville during the 2012 Speed Week. This CB750K is the first build by Brad Barber, who has raced at Speedweek before but usually in a vintage BMW car. “I’m most proud of passing the tough Bonneville tech inspection first time through” he says. The bike raced well but missed out on doing the ‘ton’ by a measley 1mph. “I only went 99mph due to carb issues which is why I switched to the Keihins”. Brad is planning on taking the new and improved bike back to Bonneville next year and with a few mods is hoping to clock 120mph.

The build started with a complete engine and transmission being rebuilt to stock spec with mild porting. For extra grunt, the carbs have been upgraded to Keihin CR-S 29mm. The frame was altered, detabbed and an aluminum panel added from the rear tank mount back. Square steel tubing swingarm was also added along with new vintage shocks. The front forks were rebuilt with new forks by Frank tubes, progressive suspension springs and cartridge emulators. 

Triple clamps have been reworked and reshaped. The Shorai battery has been mounted under rear seat with a custom mount. A complete wiring harness was fabricated with new vintage style connectors and new wire. The stunning aluminum gas tank was fabricated by the guys at Rock City Cafe Racers. The rear bodywork has been heavily modified from fiberglass part which was also from Roc City. The headlight, tail light, speedo and tach were bought from Dime City – Brad modified the taillight to fit into the kick up frame panel on the rear.

The black pipe wrapped 4-into-1 headers make there way to a modified Vance & Hines exhaust – which looks like it makes a ballsy bark. Gauge mount, headlight mount, number plate, exhaust collector mount, hugger & hugger mount, chain guard, rear brake link,electrical component tray, and license bracket were all fabricated by Brad. The wheels are powder coated and laced with Buchanan’s spokes. The orange wheels have been wrapped in Dunlop Sport GT501 100/90 x 19 Front, 140/80 x 17 Rear. The leather seat pads are made from leather and were stitched by David Groomer of Houston.

This bike took Brad over two years to build and even though it was built as an ‘art project’, it’s seen more action than Paris Hilton. Nothing beats a piece of art that can do the ‘Ton’ on a salt flat, don’t you agree?

Photos were taken by Kevin McCauley in Houston’s ‘Nicole Longnecker’ Gallery.

  • alarmpress

    Nice bike. “Seen more action that Paris Hilton,”…zing! Good luck next year at Bonneville.

  • revdub

    Beautiful!! At this point, I did not think I could see another CB750 that would impress me this much, having seen so many custom 750’s. But, this is absolutely awesome. The end product is one of the most visually pleasing CB’s I have seen grace these pages. I find it that much cooler knowing that it is being raced. I have a new crush.

  • brad barber

    Thanks to Pipeburn for showing my build. I’m truly honored to be on my favorite bike blog.

    Couple of small corrections, the art gallery is owned by my friend Nicole Longnecker (I work with her on marketing & advertising). It was her idea to do the photoshoot there.

    And the vintage BMW is owned by Jeff Bailey. We built that car together about 10 years ago as a road race car and ended up taking it to the salt flats where we both ran it.

    Thanks for the comments, again I am honored to be here with my first build.

    • Fixed. Thanks Brad.

      • brad barber

        Andrew, thank you. And again, thanks for showing my bike. I feel like a rock star today and have Pipeburn to thank. Cheers.

    • Treesleavedents

      Followed your build on and now I see it here. Congrats!

  • Amazeballs! That bike looks damn good on the salt flats. Would love to see/hear a video of it in action!

  • linc
    • brad barber

      That was fast.

      Yes, that is the 2nd run. Not the best camera work, but you can hear it run.
      I had the biggest jets I could find (which is why it wouldn’t idle). We still ran out of fuel at 8000 rpm. Got much better carbs I can tune for 2014. Bike runs and idles fine now.

      • TimBob

        Brad, pilot 75, main 122. Lovely bike.

        • brad barber

          TimBob. Actually was running GSX-R carbs with hand-made isolators in an attempt to run velocity stacks and no muffler. I had the fattest setup I could get and still ran out of fuel. Did a clean shut-off to check plugs and they were on the lean side of perfect. Oh, well. With the Keihins I have lots of jets to tune with. Thanks for the nice comments, too.

  • bart

    I’m sympathetic to 750 builds but it’s a hard act to follow the previous Medaza Cycles bike.

  • ofl

    I have to agree with revdub. Hard to see these days a CB750 with such authenticity. My first thought was that it looks like being designed in the 60s by an aeronautic engineer. I´d love to hear it roar at max throttle. Good luck on the next ride at Bonneville.

    • brad barber

      Thanks, ofl. That is a nice compliment because I was trying to take the bike back 20 years and add some old school to it. Thanks for the good luck wishes, too. Plan is to go 110-120, then sell it and start another build.

      • Mike357

        That bike is tits. When you sell it, you’ve got a buyer right here!

        • brad barber

          Mike357 Thanks. I’ll look you up next year this time.

  • genesound

    Nice coverage Brad! I enjoyed watching you build that bike 8^)

    • brad barber

      Gene! Hey, brother, appreciate all your help from the dohc list.

  • jasmine

    it was nice to see that the end product is one of the most visually pleasing CB’s I have seen grace these pages.. custom cable

  • Zach

    I’m a big fan of this seat. Is it an individual fabrication or did you get it from somewhere? If so, where did you get it??

    • brad barber

      Zach, I heavily modified a fiberglass seat that used to be available from Roc City. I cut about 3″ off the blanked off tail end, changed the seat width, trimmed an inch off the front edge and put the small radius on it, and added a hump to clear the frame bump. LOL, only about half of it is left. Glad you like it.

  • brad barber

    Thank you!

  • Alexander Smith

    Bunch of parts bought out of the “cafe racer off the shelf” catalog