If you know what the Bones Brigade, Animal Chin and Slime Balls are, then you’ll probably appreciate this TW200 more than others. Built by Zack Taylor from Machine-13, who is a young builder from Phoenix, Arizona. Zack has managed to merge three of his passions into one business – skateboarding, art/tattoo’s and motorsickles. You see, Machine-13 is a tattoo shop, custom shop and every bike goes out with his unique ‘skate style’. Zack’s trademark is using skateboard wheels as tail lights and he also loves chopping up skate decks to use as rear fenders – it might not be to everyones taste but you have to give him points for originality. Let’s hear from the dude himself:

“I have been building bikes as since I was a little boy, started out with my go-ped haha. I am 28 now and am at my tattoo shop 5 days a week and every other day building bikes. It makes for a very busy life but really rewarding and fun. As far as the art goes my style changes often. Lately I have been on the Mexican kick and much of my paint jobs are scuffed up and old looking. The skatewheel tail light is definately one of my elements I put on every bike. I came up with the design a while ago and have not seen anyone else doing it still. I am working with No School Choppers on a collaboration right now to build a limited run oft skatewheel lights on there side mount license plates. Should be pretty rad.”

“I started Machine-13 to really just start building bikes that I like to ride. Most of my inspiration is taken from Japanese builders – they always have a great way with lines and are innovative with the materials they use and that is what I strive for. It is hard to completely re-write the book on cycle style right now but at least I can give it my own spin with my tattoo and skating influence. I built the TW as sort of a challenge. A friend of mine who had bought one of my bikes in the past came across a great deal on that yamaha tw… he dropped it off at my shop and said go for it. I wanted to build something that still could bonnets streets and trails but have a few elements that are classic and a little off the wall – hence the skate deck rear end. When it was all said and done it turned out to be an awesome bike. Super fun to ride and makes people smile wherever you go… probably cause it looks a little silly.”

[Spotted on Chop Cult]