It’s no secret that Mad Max is one of our all-time favourite films. Sure, bikers the world over rave on and on about Easy Rider, On Any Sunday, Girl on a Motorcycle and The Wild One; they’re great films and they deserve all the praise they can muster. But for a film that’s supposedly about a cop and the last of the V8 interceptors, Mad Max is nigh-on impossible to beat for balls-to-the-wall, badass motorcycle riding. If you’ve never seen it, we’re not quite sure how you can live with yourself. In the mean time, maybe you’d like to fill the void with Vincent Franco’s MFP-inspired fuel-injected suicide machine, this rather mad CB750.

“I’ve always had a soft spot for vintage motorcycles,” says Vince. “I always longed to get a bike of my own. It always seemed like a far-off dream until I spotted my first bike, a CB175 for a price I couldn’t refuse. From that point on, I was hooked. There’s something about tearing a bike down to nothing and rebuilding it; it’s a pleasure that never gets old.

After completing a few more resto/mods, I decided it was time to leap into my first true build. I set out to make a mean looking, ‘Mad Max’ style racer. A bike that would look like it had been to hell and back, having the cuts and scrapes to prove it. After some searching and a six hour drive, I was the proud owner of two vintage CB750’s (one built to resemble a Harley, the other in pieces), ready to begin my journey.”

“Fast forward a year and I learned many things: be cautious with soft hands around angle grinders, owning a lathe is probably a good idea if you need to make a lot of bungs, and most of all… shortcuts are not really shortcuts if you have to redo them. I went the easy route on the motor rebuild and ended up having to completely redo the top and bottom end. The motor now has an 836 kit, APE studs, the works. Carbs have had the slides cut and have been setup for the open exhaust/velocity stack combo by Ken at CycleX.

The rest has been a game of figuring out what works and what doesn’t. CycleX triple tree, tapered neck bearings, new bearings all around, new spokes, wheels. The controls are from a 2013 ZX10R and rear-sets are from a CBR929. Rear suspension is Progressive, Race Tech springs, gold valve cartridge emulators and adjustable preload caps up front, and a fork brace that is aftermarket for a late 80’s KLR 650.”

“This bike has been a personal journey for two years now. Like anything in life, there are things I wish I had done different, and there are things I wish I knew before I set out. However here she is, my completed 1970 CB750. All that’s left is to figure out what to build next…”

And if there’s any of you out there who feel they have what it takes to be the rocker, the roller and the out-of-controller, the bike’s up for sale. Hit us up if you’re interested.

[Photos by Jeremy McCain]