Imagine a rugged James Bond character taking a beautiful lady friend off-road through the pine forest trail to his hidden chalet in the mountains. But on the way there, they stop at a picturesque view. He pulls out the vintage Champagne and unrolls the Anatolian Rug and… um, you get the picture.

Now imagine the Ducati Scrambler that got him there. Turkish based Bunker Custom Cycles have built that bike, loading it with everything their Casanova client would need for the perfect getaway.

What started out as a short range mountain exploration bike customised for terrain around a mountain house turned into a fully equipped stylish escape. “This was built for a single Turkish gentleman who really plays hard,” says Mert Uzer from Bunker Customs. “We wanted to customise his Ducati Scrambler with a seductive gesture in mind.”

They started the project by chopping the scrambler subframe and creating a new custom seat. “The original fat seat seems comfortable but is actually thin, especially for the pillion.” They also created a new loop for the subframe, straightened the tail line, relocated the ECU and some other small electrical components. Both the slim seat plate and the rear mudguard were fabricated from aluminium. There’s also a hidden steel structure underneath the rear mudguard that helps to bear the extra weight of the racks, the custom pannier and the accessories inside.

The panniers are a work of art to themselves. Made from English dark Havana oak bark leather, wax bridle leather and green suede inside – all hand-made in Turkey. The pannier on the right side stores all a gentleman needs. The side panel opens to reveal its silver tray. Inside a bottle vintage red wine and Champagne; matching walnut Forge de Laguiole pocket knife and corkscrew; two leather covered silver plated flasks – one for whiskey and one for cognac. There’s also a pair of vintage silver wine cups with gold leaf inside and matching small shot cups. For the cigar connoisseur, four silver leather bound cigar tubes, a hand engraved redwood cigar cutter and leather cigar lighter.

All the leather on the accessories are dark green and are matched perfectly to the rich green suede compartments they sit in. The left-hand side pannier holds three thermoses (coffee, tea and water) each with its own leather bound French Porcelain cup. 

Next they swapped the stock mag wheels with urban enduro spoked wheels and fitted TKC80 tyres for some more off-road grip. They also removed the bulky exhaust and catalytic converter and tucked the exhaust manifolds higher to keep them away from harms way and made a custom silencer.

Up the front they chose a Rizoma headlight bezel, raised the front mudguard for greater clearance and stripped away the plastic neck covers on the original scrambler. They also swapped out the stock radiator cover for their own Bunker Customs Carbon unit which is available in their shop

The stock tank was switched for the 400cc unit because the 800cc tank has cavities on the side of the tank, covered with aluminium caps. This way they could strip away the tank to bare steel and create a classic style paint job over the brushed steel. 

On the sides, they removed the plastic side panels and trimmed away the seat line to make room for small pockets to house the french pocket knife, a Damascus steel Bowie knife and an axe for chopping wood for the fire. All hand-made by Krop knives in Istanbul. On the back is the all important Anatolian Rug which sits neatly between the two side bags mounted over the rear mudguard.

At first glance, this Scrambler doesn’t scream ‘custom’, but the subtle and well executed modifications are what make this bike. This Bunker Scrambler, which was built for the modern day Don Juan, has all the style and sophistication this gentleman could have asked for.

[ Bunker Custom Cycles | Photography by Onur Aynagoz ]