I’m here to tell you something that I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt. T.JASIN Motorcycles’ main man, Tom Jasiński, is one persistent, determined son-of-a-bitch. Looking back through the records, he first contacted us in early September of 2012 with photos of a bike he’d just finished. We liked it and asked if he could get us some decent photos of. He said yes, and then spent the next five months battling with cameras, lights, SD cards and our tachyon-sized attention spans trying desperately to impress us. I swear at one point I actually forgot who he was and introduced myself to him a second time. But he soldiered on and on and on until finally, when the moon was aligned in the third house of Sagittarius and an albino dog in China barked three times, he managed to wow us with the photos you see before you. Tom, I’m here to say thanks. Thanks for persisting. And thanks for putting up with our fussiness. If you’re in Poland and looking for a custom bike, I can guarantee you this is the guy that will go the extra mile. Or month, as the case may be…

Here’s Tom – and not a moment too soon. “A few words about us first. I am Polish and came from a family with a strong motorbike history. Everything was started by my father (again with the Dads – Andrew). He was a four-time Motocross champion in my country. So bikes were always in our garage. My older brother Tom and me started our adventure on 2 wheels when we were only 6 or 7 years old. Now I can say that we love really vintage bikes.”

“One day we saw a café racer in a movie, and this was the moment when we decided to try and make such a bike. We bought a destroyed Honda CB400, disassembled it, cut the frame, hand made the seat, painted the tank etc. Finally the project turned out very good. Then came second bike, a Yamaha XS650, and a third…”

Note the detailing on the rear-view mirror

“Here’s a few words about bike. It’s a Honda CB 400 from 1983. We have painted it in a “Gulf” style. The frame is cut, the rear is converted to café, and painted silver. We hand made the seat with blue thread, the boards (not sure if he means the pegs or the heat shields – Andrew), and the rear fender which is trimmed in brown leather. The tires are modern street ones, and the exhaust is straight-through.”

Cool beyond a shadow of a doubt

“We made a Facebook fanpage. We put news, style photos, our ideas, and new projects up there. Maybe in the next year we would like to try make ATJ-Project our latest local business.”

“A few days ago we bought 3 honda CB400s and a Yamaha DT250 from 1978, so in 2-3 months we will have lots of new projects. We can’t wait for the spring to start built bikes. Thanks for looking.”

Insert joke here about Poles