Take one incredible location, mix in nearly 300 of the best custom bikes on the planet and stir in a host of entertainment, and you have yourself the 2022 edition of the Bike Shed Show; Europe’s biggest independent annual motorcycle event. The family friendly atmosphere is a true celebration of the custom motorcycle culture in all its glory and acts as a gathering where everyone from elite professional builders to backyard spanner spinners, and fans of all things two-wheels can hang out, share some food, and chat. But what ultimately brings everyone to London’s iconic Tobacco Dock are the bikes, handpicked from the UK, Europe, and the USA, and this year delivered some of the best we’ve ever seen and one highly anticipated unveiling.

The major motorcycle shows have always been worth checking out, often the place where you first get to lay eyes on a newly released model. But let’s be honest, half of the bikes you’ve already seen at your average dealer, many of the rest are boring re-badged versions of an older bike and the sales reps are downright bloody annoying! At the Bike Shed Show, you don’t have to deal with any of that, and even better, none of the spectacular machines on display are roped off, here you can get up close and personal.

Organised by the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club from Shoreditch, Dutch and Vikki with their team, curate the entire event as if it was an eagerly awaited exhibition at a world-class gallery or museum, just without any of the pompous tossers. So, you can also grab a beer, watch the MotoGP on the big screen and feast on amazing food, or listen to a live band. The result is a perfectly disparate collection of custom machines, of every age and style, crafted by professional bike builders and backyard shed enthusiasts alike, in an environment and atmosphere that’s a true joy to be a part of.

The quality of the motorcycles is at an all-time high and just as in years past, there are a number of newcomers who have shown that anything is possible, even in the confines of your own back garden. A true standout of the event was that no single style dominated, there is far less following the crowd and a hell of a lot more individualism than ever before. From truly vintage machines built with basic tools and blood, sweat, and tears, right through to the latest in computer animated design and high-end machined parts, you can find it all.

Honda CB750 by Ziggy Moto

And one bike everyone was keen to find, was the unveiling of the highly anticipated Honda by Ziggy Moto. For years we’ve been blown away by his computer designs and renderings, and now people could finally drink in the real machine in the flesh, with a teaser having served as a poster for the event. Like many builders, we’ve all come to know the insane Ziggy Moto creations through the wonder of the internet, but there is nothing like having the opportunity to see the real thing and meet the man behind the incredible bikes and designs

The lack of corporate traders and big manufacturers dominating the show is a welcome addition, and as Dutch tells us, absolutely everything is done to make sure the vibe is friendly and authentic. “Every brand, retailer, artist, photographer, and exhibitor is selected and approved by us. Every barista, bartender, burger (or salad-box), and coffee bean is tried & tested, and the organising staff are all bike-loving volunteers and members of the BSMC. The event is extremely family friendly, safe for kids, and enjoyable for non-bike-riders, as well as custom aficionados.” So hit the tools and start building for 2023 and for now, feast on this year’s marvellous machines!

Big thanks to the talented Ivo Ivanov for his superb photographs of the show.

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