The 1940’s Villiers 78cc 2 Stroke crank starting engine
The crank handle made from an old U bike lock & brass tube
Drive chain made from the grass catcher
The drive spindle made from the red grass barrel blade
Handmade primary drive sprocket and machined rear sprocket
The front lamp from a 1920s Albion from Birmingham (originally chrome)
The Lucas Ammeter from a derelict water pump in Grosevale (where my mum worked in Birmingham).
The Saddle was from the chassis of a dirt bike seat, reshaped & recovered in old couch leather.
The Rear rack made from heating and stretching old brass strap.
Gravox tin covering in couch leather for the “OIL” reservoir
Mudgaurds made from old brass strap and sections of broken dirt bike guards.
Crank holster made from a window squidgy holder.