After a crash I stripped and rebuilt the bike in a friends workshop, just back to a stock running bike so I could atop walking to work! However this year I finally got around to making her truly a one of a kind bantam! All paintwork is done with rattle cans on the rare sunny British day! The rear fender is made from an original front fender that and friend and I cut down and re-welded, the bars are 70’s BoneShakers made in Leeds, saddle was custom built by a friend down in Southend, and the engine, carb, brakes, cables and final touches/adjustments have been done by myself in the garden!

As with all old vehicles, she has her quirks! She’s set me on fire twice, spat her carb off 150 miles from home, and had to run held together with duct tape! But I think I’m safe in saying she’s behaving better nowadays! The next task is to make a foot clutch set up! Who wants a safe bike anyway?!