This bike was an entire family project (Although I know my mom didn’t want to see it complete ha!)I grew up racing track bicycles and playing contact sports, but nothing gave me the thrill that building this bike did. I rebuilt a lawnmower motor in an engineering lab, teaching me the fundamentals of a four-stroke engine. After a full disassembly, it surprisingly ran, giving me the confidence to take on this endeavor. Every year, my mom would peak her head in our barn and slowly but surely this bike rose from a 45 year old grave. A full engine rebuild was well underway when I decided no ounce of the build would be cut short. I read the manuals, personally reached out to Honda Gurus and had my dad by my side to learn how every system on the bike functioned by taking it apart. I grew up racing single-gear track bikes, and loved getting creative with the overall line and stance of the bike. Everything had a purpose, and my parents learned very quickly how much it meant to me to see this two-wheeled project come to fruition. Just before the tank was mounted and a custom wiring harness could be finished, I moved to Florida for the Navy. Seeing me off to my new career, my mom even got in on the build by painting the white “Firestone” lettering on the tires. I finished the bike in coffin-like storage unit down in Florida, but will never forget the satisfaction of the first ride. Frame was powder coated and my uncle painted the tank and headlight in intermediate blue. I rebuilt the front forks and designed the wiring harness to incorporate a minimalistic approach. DCC seat, Biltwell grips. 5 3/4 headlight, aluminum rims custom powdercoated black, Ford model tailight, custom fabricated frame mounts, license plate mount, and instrument gauge mounts. Intermediate Blue paint was done by my uncle in his spare time but the decals were hand laid by myself from racing hondas of the 60s/70s teams. Custom wire harness from scratch, All LED light set up with modern rec/reg and upgraded stator for the Anti-gravity Li-po battery. Custom Fabricated steel battery box hidden under the seat made in house. Gold chain, fresh sprockets and Firestone Tires on the drive train. Motor is supported by VM30 Mikunis which took forever to tune hahaha.