It was an evolution over several years but this is where it currently sits:
-Rebuilt engine, top and bottom, new pistons, valves, cam chain, tensioner
-Mikuni VM30 carbs with pod filters, German braided fuel line (have worked on vintage VW and BMW cars for years) with safety wire, removed stock air box and battery assembly
-new electrics including: updated stator, regulator/rectifier, lithium polymer battery, pointless ignition, new coils/wires, led bulbs all around
-custom fabricated tray for new smaller lithium battery with tidy location for starter solenoid
-upgraded suspension: Hagons in the rear, replaced front springs with stiffer springs off a CB450 that I painted and left exposed
-new clubman bars, Oury grips, bar end mirrors, custom seat, and rear sets to adjust the riding position
-chopped and painted rear fender and fabricated custom mount for relocated stock taillight and license plate
-new (re-geared) 520 sprockets with gold chain (with rivet master link since photo)
-custom mechanical retainer for clutch rod oil seal
-found a super-rare OEM skid plate
-new cables/housing all around
-new brake/clutch levers on stock controls
-new aftermarket headlamp housing and lens with led bulb
-rebuilt the gauges
-rebuilt the exhaust with nicer stock items
-replaced old fasteners with new, stainless where appropriate
-rebuilt starter and starter clutch so it starts first bump of the starter button every time

I upgraded over time, often as necessary when something broke and/or when I could afford it, while trying to keep the vintage aesthetic and spirit, letting the bike guide me to where it wanted to end up. I repainted some things and left the well-earned patina in other places as it seemed appropriate/cohesive. It was my daily driver as I commuted from Brooklyn to Manhattan for a year and a half, so I kept things like the chain guard and added a (as subtle as possible) phone mount and USB charger cable. There’s likely things I forgot that I worked on, but she runs and rides like a dream! Thanks for taking the time to read and for considering my work!