To keep the show on the road, i did a complete suspension swap, installing new forks from the British minibike specialist YCF via custom yokes, and new gas shocks from Kepspeed.
It’s got plenty of zing too: the original 49 cc air-cooled single has been swapped out for a 190 cc engine, prepared by the pit bike tuner Stomp. Power is up to 22 frisky horses, which translates to a very lively ride on a machine with a wheelbase of just 46 inches (1.18m).
The new exhaust is from the French company ID Vintage.
I’ve also modified the frame, and slightly shifted the position of the tank. The frame is now shorter, and the rear of the tank sits higher—for a flatter top line. Jérome Lopez of Colorside applied a black base coat of paint to the frame before finishing it in a glossy chrome top coat.
New bars from ID Vintage accentuate the flat track style, and the wheels have gone up a size from 17 to 18 inches.