Here’s my shovel chopper! I started this project with no fab Or welding skills and taught myself as I went. It’s a fully moulded frame, I painted in my “homeless shelter” built in my garage. I started with a hard tailed shovel frame that I welded a mid tunnel wassel tank I narrowed shortened and lowered the tunnel. I welded rod onto the tank to match the ribbed rear fender and give it some flavour. The petcock was moved from the rear of the tank to the underside so it’s hidden from sight. The oil tank was narrowed, and put a hole in the side for the ignition switch. To finish it off I moulded flames into it to slightly pop with the black paint. I made custom foot controls of of stainless. The brake side is a one off brake arm, inspired by a super glide brake System with extra flavour. I didn’t like the way the caliper mounted and the way the stay was on the frame so I chopped it up and welded bungs into the frame so It wouldn’t need to be stayed. It sits in between the frame rails. I sanded and polished the caliper. I made a custom engine mount out of stainless to marry with my mid hand shift set up. The motor is a 88” dual plugged fire breather and the tranny is a polished ratchet top 4 speed. Front end is a 6 over Harley springer. I built the sissy bar super tall because I wanted it to be slightly ridiculous inspired by the show bikes of the 1960s. I think that’s about it. Thanks for looking!