Hi all !
My bike started out in pretty rough shape someone had attempted to customise it a little but used the cheapest nastiest parts imaginable and then held everything on with galvanised gutter bolts more things fell of the day I picked it up to ride it home than stayed on the bike haha.

I stripped it back to a bare frame having it blasted and powder coated then I stripped the tank down and had a shot at painting and pinstripes myself pretty proud of the result. I think took the original front end off and put an R1 front end on using a combination of parts then made up some brackets to mount a nice small low profile front fender and then went around the whole bike putting LED lights for everything and then put a speedo/tacho combination so it’s just one nice gauge. I made some little mounts and put some cnc foot pegs on then down the back I got a ninja 300 rear wheel machines the spacers to get the wheel in the right spot and then machined about 17mm off the sprocket carrier to get the sprockets lined up I also machined the front sprocket to offset it and then made up some brackets and a new actuating arm to drive a brembo master cylinder for the new disc rear brake.

Engine wise it’s the original motor pretty freshly rebuilt with some mikuni VM30 carbs electronic igniting and a new reg rectifier and stator to fix the old charging issues.
I’m sure there’s lots of parts I’ve forgotten thanks for looking at my first attempt on a bike can’t wait to do some more to this one and build some more.