The goal was to made a technical upgrade to the original model improving brakes, handling, etc… but keeping the aesthetics on a level that kept the original identity of having in front of us a Honda CB 500 Four. That’s why we’ve built a 4 to 4 exhaust system, spoke wheels, no fairings, kept the original tank and the side panels. When we’ve first exhibit this bike the reactions were really good, the majority of people give us the impression that they were looking at a Honda CB four model. Our goal was building a bike that was our tribute to Honda Four family.
We’ve tested it also riding it hard and “fast” and the impressions were also really good. In terms of handling the bike moves very well, it’s not so light steering as the original model with smaller tires, but it handles much better because of the suspensions fitted and better tires.
Technically speaking:

We’ve kept the original tank and the original side panels. The engine was fully rebuilt with original Honda parts. The carbs were kept the same, but we’ve changed the intake system using foam pod filters. Everything else was changed on the bike. We’ve built the entire exhaust system and we’ve worked the exhausts to have a smooth sound and not an aggressive sound. The goal was to have a similar sound to the original model, just a little bit louder.
The front suspension is a 2002 Yamaha R1 front suspension, the rear shock is from a Yamaha FZR 400 R from the 90’s along with the aluminum swingarm. We’ve fitted the Yamaha R1 brake calipers, floating front disc and new rear brake disc. (We really think it’s a very nice option recycling this used parts and give them a renewed life.)
Golden hubs, stainless spokes and polished rims. The wheels were dressed with sport rain tires to give it a more racing look. On the front we’ve built a front mudguard and built is supports.
The frame was rebuilt to fit the single rear shock and the FZR swingarm. It also fits the new rear section of the bike and the new seat.

All electrics were removed from the bike and we’ve fitted a new electric wiring and upgraded all parts such as coils, relays, lights, instruments, … We’ve used a 7” headlight and two small taillights that work as taillight, stop light and indicators. On the front we’ve fitted the M-Blaze indicators. The speedo is a Chronoclassic and we’ve built a specific speedo bracket.
Fitted rear sets and clip-ons to give it the sports riding position. We’ve built the seat and the rear metal section of the bike and fit the twin taillight system on it. The bike is now a one seat motorcycle.

The coulors and the paintjob on the bike was thought having in mind the original paints on the CB Fours, so we’ve painted it inspired by that.