Handling: added fork brace, steering dampener, fork dampening emulators, air pre-load valves, new fork springs & stancheons, shocks, bearings, bushings & modern rubber. Scintered brake pads, stainless lines, milled and drilled disc. Rebuilt wheels.
Motor: New Pistons, Performance Cam and new valves and rockers, internal chains & bumpers, intake & match porting, decking, modified advance curve, electronic ignition.
Reliability: modified to fit CB650 primary chain tensioner, Full size AGM battery, rebuilt wiring harness maintaining original color coding, LED signal & indicator lights, added relays, new switchgear, fuse box & electronic reg/rect.
Style/Comfort: Raask adjustable “Jota” style bars(I love these bars), Terozzi rearsets, custom pop-off seat and cowl held in place with rare-earth magnets, bikini fairing w/ 7” chrome headlight. Bobbed original fenders (front adapted to fit Torazzi brace), powder coated wheels. Bodywork/paint: Black w/ gold metal flake clear and gold racing stripe (inspired by mustang 5.0 liter), metallic Silver frame, Sublimated Honda wing on seat cowl.