1976 Honda CB750 M6
This project started as so many vintage bike builds do, someone starts tearing a bike apart and realizes
that they may not be able to finish the project the way they intended so it sits in a barn for years.
To keep the build looking like a vintage bike I knew I wanted to utilize a beefier 1976 Honda GL1000
front end and with the gained length of the fork and coupled with the fresh Ohlins rear shocks it
brought the bike up an inch or so for a bit more ground clearance. Shinko ADV knobbies were fitted to
a set of black aluminum rims that finished off the aggressive stance of the build. The frame and most
of the other small parts we treated with a 2K bedliner product that provides an extremely durable,
textured satin black surface, it was perfect for the look I was going for.
Our friends at Wolfman Luggage supplied us with a very nice set of their Expedition Dry Bags and I
used two Auxilary LED lights by Clearwater Lights that put out a blazing 10,000 lumens of crisp,
dimmable light. A pair of Cone Engineering mufflers were added a stock set of 4 into 2 headers and
the bike sounds amazing. To make the presence of M6 heard even louder I installed a Denali
Soundbomb dual tone air horn that blasts out a deafening 120 DB of sound. To help the engine breathe
freely I added a set of K&N pod filters and rejetted the carbs accordingly. LED bar end signals and an
integrated rear taillight strip with signals from Custom Dynamics rounded out the indicator lighting. In
place of a standard speedo unit I partnered with Quadlock and used their standard handlebar mount
with a GPS app on a smartphone, it works brilliantly and it is very handy to have navigation at your
fingertips on a vintage bike.
I fabricated a custom oil tank that sits below the beautiful seat that was made by Dane Utech
(plzbeseated), the tank holds a bit more oil than the stocker and helps to keep the engine running cool.
Also under the seat is a large 12 cell Antigravity Lithium Battery to keep electrical system flowing, I
went with the larger capacity battery due to the additional lighting and the heavy cranking engine.
The front headlight surround and steel side covers we all fabricated in house. It was obvious to me that
the bike should be black and I ultimately went with a gloss clear coat that contrasted nicely again the
textured coating on the frame. A set of MONNOM badges adorn the sides of the tank in place of the
original Honda logos. I designed the custom aluminum rack that discreetly sits above the passenger
seating area, it is a quick on / off removal with only three bolts. It is very strong and lightweight being
made from 3/16″ CNC cut stock, the top of the rack also accepts a 1 gallon Rotopax fuel cell.