1976 Honda CB750F

Factory supersport engine was rebuilt and refreshed with a 4-1 exhaust.

The front end is Honda CB550F forks and triples which reduces length by about an inch and provides progressive internal springs.
Rear end has new 14″ coilover shocks.

Supersport tank was hammered and shaped with knee-cutaways.
The fiberglass seat and tail section was hand made to follow all the factory lines and house an LED tail light.
The factory frame was cut and minimized and now houses an internal oil tank inside the rear-most section.

The rear end uses a Harley 4.25″ rim laced to the factory F-hub which now supports a 150mm rear tire.
The front uses a 120mm tire.

The entire bike was rewired with new circuits, fuse block, charging components, and LEDs everywhere possible.
The headlight is a HID 8k.
The tail light is LED and frenched into the rear seat tail section.