1976 Honda Goldwing, originally ‘full dress’, now in a sort of Cafe style but with flat bars as clip-ons hurt my mx mangled wrist and if you don’t enjoy riding it then what’s the point!
Frame unaltered, lots of original bits left on (switchgear etc), unless you’re going ‘full custom’ I think this is the nicest way to treat old bikes.
‘Refreshed’ engine – it’s a ’70’s Goldwing so I basically pulled it apart, checked it, said “meh” and put it back together with new gaskets!
Rebuilt carbs – Hateful job on these bikes, beautifully engineered and made but oh-so complicated with about 1000 opportunities for fuel leaks. Once done they will only work to standard spec too so don’t like pipes & filters. (the bike is currently in the middle of having a fully custom twin downdraft Weber 40 set-up fitted; tunable, more power, more noise)
Forks – progressive springs and new bushes & seals. Bike lowered on the forks to steepen the head angle a bit.
Brakes are rebuilt to standard spec just with uprated pads, ample power.
Seat – Hand shaped base and foam, covered in vintage leather by a local hot rod trimmer
Rear fender – Hand made, originally GRP now alu. Front is in progress…
Air box removed and replaced by home made K&N set up. (doesn’t work well with standard carbs, hence the Weber conversion)
Modern slimline Enduro type speedo, Koso I think, super simple and easy to read but still has all the idiot lights. It’s hooked up to the original speedo cable via a analogue to digital converter to keep the stock look.
Standard headers (due for replacement) with cheapo Ebay cans. Solid, easy to fit, and noisy!
All paint done at home in a lashed up booth, came out really well for aerosols! Might treat it to a professional job with some period style Honda logos once the carbs are done.
I love it, it’s big (I’m 6’2″ and most old bikes are small so look daft with me on), fast, handles surprisingly well, eats up the miles and old GL’s are beautifully engineered and made (and therefore nice to work on).
Unfortunately the photo is from when it was just back on the road, myriad of detail improvements since then, but it’s now in bits again so I can’t get a current pic