The philosophy.

A mix of shapes and materials that incorporate the codes of the past integrated with the cutting-edge technology of the world of motorcycle racing

The Making Of.

Everything has been developed in a basement in 4 winters of hard work.
We put all our know-how and our experience as industrial designers and engineers to build our bike with the same techniques used in the industry.
Form follows function and performance.
Everything starts from digitizing the frame through a 3D scanner, starting from the latter we started the conception of the bike putting together the proportions and lines previously defined on paper.
We worked on the clay model to sculpt the fuel tank and seat shapes by hand and thus define the design of the key components.
Starting from the clay model a mold has been developed to make the final fuel tank and the seat base in tri-composite fiber like the high-end helmets.
We also developed a mold to inject the seat’s foam, a set of foams of different density were injected in search of a good comfort even when using a reduced foam thickness.
The kinematics of the rear suspension, the swingarm, the numerous parts designed in 3D and validated at an engineering level with simulations using the finite element method.
There are several components that have been developed in 3D and CNC machined in Ergal 7075 T6 or Avional 6061 T6.
The vintage engine with modest performance and the original curb weight 232 Kg obliges to do painstaking work on the frame and superstructures to contain the final weight to 172 Kg.
The heart of the bike, the engine, has not been modified, the signs of time are still visible.
It has been improved with an electronic ignition system and a PMA charging system.
The breathing was entrusted to a pair of Keihin FCR 37 flat slide carburettors Tailored by the Japanese master of Bito R&D.
The wheels are custom laced by Warp9 in 17inch and the tyres are Pirelli MT60RS Corsa 160mm on the rear and 120mm on the front.
The suspensions department uses a GSX-R front fork and a Ducati Panigale rear mono.
The wiring harness is custom made as well made with aeronautical military-grade wires, coupled with a Motogadget M-Unit Blue.