I picked up the bike everything was rusted on it and pretty much all stock. It has a wide springer front end with a 21″ x 3.5″ rim running a stretched tire over it. All the brass bits were machined in my garage. The exhaust brass rings were machined from an old pair of house locks I got from work. As for the brass kick pedal sleeve, I cut the end off the factory kickstart lever and machined a sleeve to slide over the lever and tapped the end to accept a bolt to hold the sleeve on. The exhaust is full custom stainless steel tig welded setup by me. The bike came with a full rear fender which I chopped up and added a flared end to. I tried to keep an older style chopper vibe with the bike, I made the sissy bar and added 3 angled hoops and mounted the tail lights onto them. I always loved kind/ queen seats and I had some experience sewing. I bought a low grade industrial sewing machine and ordered what I needed for the seat and went to it. The handle bars had to be modified, ended up chopped them in half and making the wider and heated up the bend by the bar ends and bent them inward. The engine is pretty much stock, just replaced all gaskets and seals, added some uni filters and re-jetted the carbs. It runs with the pamco stator in it utilizing the stock points ignition. I do have some ideas for the future to add some painted designs on the tank and fender. The frame is delicious blue metal metallic with a hint of purple flake towards the neck of the frame.