Started from a wreck bought on swedish auction site for 370$. Bought a cheap tubebender on Ebay to be able to construct rear frame and rear saddle and cuts. The saddle is constructed from hydraulic pipes and sheet metal. Monoschock conversion is made from cut up xv 750 swingarm and Rd350 rear schock. I always try to build so that you should think that this is the original on the bike and not altered. Front end using a fork from a Yzf600 thunderace and the brakes and calipers from this bike. Not really a friend of using upside down forks on these old bikes. I am very fond on the design on these old Yamaha wheels so they are only painted to look like the new ones. The front fairing is made from the old saddle from this bike. I like to reuse parts as long as you can and this saves a lot of money when building these bikes. Electricalsystem is new and central is a Electronicbox with small pushbuttons integrated in the clipon.