This was one of my first motorcycles (I bought a pair of them when I was 12). I initially started out planning to restore the bike, but due to my skills at the time that was given up on, and as such it sat in the shed for a few years. When I was 17 I restarted the project as I was missing the other Cub that I had just sold to fund my 125.

The rear mudguard was too far gone, so it was cut way back in towards the main frame, and I modified the swingarm with 22mm steel tubing, and added some lugs to allow the shocks to be mounted where they are now. This is the bike that I learnt how to weld on, did my first engine work on and my first spray job.

It has the original speedometer, using a different bracket to fit in with the handlebars (which are ridiculously wide) and a number board on the front. There are also number boards on the side where the original side covers would’ve been fitted. I rebuilt the wheels myself having recently learnt how to on my bicycle, this was a learning curve to say the least and was the part of the bike that fought me the most!

In terms of electrics, it has a jet plane style flip up killswitch and a brake light and that is all. the exhaust was chopped right down, but since its only a 50cc, it is still quiet. I have no idea what this bike is trying to be or what my thought process really was with building it, hence placing it in the WTF category. I hope you like it!