Using the internet as my guide, you tube for instructions and images searched for inspiration, My mission was to complete a simple, raw, unique low budget, build on a good stock classic. The classic kz400 parallel twin was found and became the perfect base. The only single thing I wasn’t able to complete myself was welding a steel plate to hold the rear mudguard, tail light and mudguard. This cost me a box of beer to a buddy. The bike needed to be learner approved as I didn’t yet have my full licence but still have some presence. Rear frame was chopped with and angle grinder. Customer made oily brown flat seat using my sisters sewing machine. Bronze tinted wrapped exhaust headers. Stripped and polished raw tank. Translucent brown Gummy grips. Headlight mounts flipped for a flatter profile. Chunky air box replaced with pod filters. Side covers removed and electrics hidden in a repurposed, spray painted aluminium sugar tin. Umbrella mounted to the rear frame. Custom small mud guards. Knobbly oversized pirelli MT43 tyres. Small black tinted indicators and a small rear stoplight. Battery removed and replaced with a capacitor. Kick start only. The silencers were easily removable for days when I felt like being extra loud! A fun entry into tinkering on motorcycles in sheds!