I picked up this little Suzuki scooter in a pretty sorry state, it didn’t run and looked like it’d been dragged out from the back of a barn. My main aim was to make a small run-around bike for trips to the shops. I started off by designing and making new engine mounts to fit a 125cc pit bike engine into it, I then had to cut away some of the frame and strengthen it back up again to fit the engine. With the engine in I hard-tailed the rear end with the use of some custom struts I made up, the rear guard got cut and bobbed, I made a smaller seat up out of some leftover parts & foam I had lying around and fabricated a custom rear parcel rack to sit in behind the seat and fill in the extra space (I made sure that it could fit a box of beers or soft drinks at a push!).I fabricated a custom stainless straight through exhaust that snakes under the engine before exiting out behind the riders right leg (gives it a little more bark than bite haha). I fabricated some bars for it from some leftover tube, trimmed a repop leg guard to fit around the new engine and then spent way too many hours machining a new tail light on a manual lathe from some scrap aluminum. Once all the fabrication work was done I stripped it all down, powdercoated all the ancillary parts and sprayed the rest in a Honda City colour from the 80s with a 2k clear over the top. The bike then got a complete rewire running a battery-less set up and a small fog light up front.
It’s great fun to ride around, really light has enough zing to get around town and never fails to get a comment, wave or even a shaka thrown out a car window every time I take it out.