Motor, gear box, tank, and rear wheel original. Frame detabbed, and cut, with custom loop welded in. 19 Inch front wheel (with drum brake) from Honda CB 350, adapted to the original forks – with custom made brake-rod linkage, spacers, and new bearrings. Frame, dip tubes, and wheels sanded, and powder-coated in satin / matt black. Custom made seat and pan – wrapped in leather from used seating from our local Vapiano-Restaurant. Bigger Mikuni carbs with pod filters adapted. Original exhaust, and aftermarket end pipes with handbuilt silencers/baffles (for German TÜV). New racing clutch. Modified transmission ratio for more torque at lower revs. Partly new electronics, e.g., battery, ignition coils, stator. Custom made electronics-box with new ignition lock under the seat: hand-“sewn” (sic! – see the picture). High end electronic parts, e.g., bar end blinkers and speedo from Motogadget. Small bates-style front and rear light. LSL handlebar. Customized aftermarket aluminum rear fender. Custom made aluminum front fender, and stainless steel stanchion shrouds. Last but not least: Many custom made small parts, like brackets, rods, and fasteners… And the result: It is a blast to ride!!!