Mostly a new bike. Built by me in my garage/shed.
‘Wearing’ items replaced. Cylinders, pistons, clutch, all bearings, chassis bearings, forks, calipers, etc.
Real rust created with salt, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar.
All work by myself, except welding fittings on fuel and oil tanks for fluid level guages.
Mikuni vm 38 sudco racing carb, k&n filter with dog dish cover.
Supertrapp muffler, attached to 2 into 1 modified factory exhaust, wrapped.
LED halo headlight, rusty bucket also. Lucas tail light, LED turn signals.
7/8″ handlebars, wiring inside.
Left hand switch controls made from modified master cylinder.
Bladed levers, I have never seen another set.
Copper oil lines, attaching cooler and filter.
Custom crankcase venting allowing less bottom end pressure, less leaks and easier revving engine. One vent takes from engine timing plug, other from modofied tachometer drive. Use of backcheck valves and oil separator ensures proper operation.
All brackets forgas tank, seat/fender, headlight, muffler, licence plate, etc. made by me also.
Footpegs, rear master cylinder mount, sprocket cover and pedal are mine too.
Fork brace for hard cornering.
Wiring with usb ports, 12 volt outlet, front and rear cameras(hidden from view).
Ignition switch hidden under rear fender.
Engine case ‘trimmed’ to reveal more motor.
Future mods in plans are a hydraulic clutch conversion.
DIRTY,DIRTY,DIRTY. Bike gets ridden hard, stays dirty and is well maintained.
When working on a DIRTY bike, not making a clean spot is very difficult. Hard to replace dirt, compare to clean dirt off clean bike, cant replace same dirt on clean spot.
Try changing a tire and not making a dirty OR clean spot.
Many mods made by myself, either because of neccesity or funds.
I like making something from nothing. Sometimes cannot afford custom fab shop or just cant find what ‘fits’.