The bike has had several changes although always trying to respect the classic style and the age of the bike. Starting with a 12cm cut in the chassis at the rear, the rear shock mounts have been modified, both for aesthetics and to fit original Kawasaki KZ “Zephyr” 750 ’95 koni. The original Marzzochi front fork bars have had their springs modified to gain maximum suspension travel suited with elevated and shortened mudguard from Kawasaki Vulca EN500, and the original Grimecca wheels have been fitted with a pair of Heidenau k60’s in 110/90/18 and to protect the engine I’ve installed a handcrafted carter shield in Inox. A 22mm Hebo handlebar has been mounted on the steering, only a small lever switch for changing lights is mounted and the installation is hidden inside the handlebar. The gas handle is a BSA replica with lock and limiter, the front brake lever is a Brembo with metal hose. The front light is the original restored one and it is anchored to the suspension bars by means of rubber supports. In the painting section, only the two lines of the side covers have been kept, the rest is sanded and taken to raw and then varnished.