for this bike we use the base of a bmw r100 from the 80s. we adapted a modern parallever and gs wheels. for the front we use a 21 “adapting the retro discs to the modern wheel. the fork is the original one customized to give it a retro-futuristic touch that culminates in a spectacular front mask that uses the original bmw glass worn on the fairing. the subframe was manufactured made to measure along with a tail that houses the lighting in its interior, the chassis had to be modified to adapt the modern parallever, the tank is original and modified so that its lines fit perfectly without visible gaps as the engine was powered with forged pistons. , competition ignition, camshaft … we gave the aesthetic touch of the engine with the front cover to which we manufactured two windows through which the rotation of the competition ignition is seen to rotate. the exhausts are a 2-1 manufactured by voodoo garage.To this motorcycle we manufacture countless elements such as the gas cap, footrests and controls … a motorcycle without a doubt spectacular.