My first attempt at a shed built bike! The Bike came to me as a blind purchase from a well known auction site! It was stripped down to frame, de tabbed and all chassis parts sand blasted, it was then cut down past the rear helmet lock (wanted to keep this for old times sake) and a 20 degree up swept rear hoop was welded in. The front top yoke had the old handle bar mounts ground smooth as with the fitting of clip ons these mounts were an eyesore! The full electrics are in a custom metal box under the main seat, the loom was custom made by me and runs from an M-unit with an M-lock mounted out of sight. The speedo is an Acewell mulit function unit the 4454AB. This also helped tidy up the front of the bike. The Lithium battery has been relocated in a custom box under the bike in place of the centre stand main cables run down frame tubes for a cleaner look. On the bars M-buttons replace the bulky oem plastic forward controls to tidy up the cockpit. ASV style levers and front master cylinder running to the caliper by custom HEL braided brake line stops the sled, cut down original front fender. Vans Grips make sure hands don’t slip, wothbar end mirrors. 7″ LED headlight unit custom fit into the original light housing to keep the original bezel and look. The rear hoop has a strip LED light with indicators and brake lights all integrated, this is flush fitted. Front forks are original on the outside, inside they have YSS progressive springs for a Yamaha XS400 ones. To match the rear suspension YSS eco shocks with progressive springs. The fuel tank has been raised at the rear by 1.5″ this is to keep the line of the backbone through the bike. It is finished in bare metal with rising sun motif and clear lackered by all painted by me. The seat unit is all metal and then finished in rosewood leather with classic stitching (completed by Holy Goat Custom Motorcycle Seats) . The rear brake housing is polished. The frame and wheels are powder coated in a gloss black ‘sparkle’ metallic flake. To keep the vintage polished metal look throughout the bike. All bearings were replaced during the rebuild. The whole bike sits on Avon Road Master tyre’s.
The engine was rebuilt and treated to gloss black with polished cases and cooling fins, this took a few days to complete! To complment the engine the carb tops and float bowls are also polished with DNA XVi Air filters to complete the look. The carbs are rejetted to allow for the slash cut matt black tailpipes and then the headers are wrapped to complete the classic look. Number plate on custom ‘invisible’ bracket to move it to the centre of the rear wheel.