Although the CX500 by now may be over done I did my best to implement certain things I hadn’t yet seen. First off, the easy stuff; rear hub converted to accept spokes and an 18″ rear rim was laced up to that. The entire front end is from a ’77 CB550 for slightly thicker forks and comes with a spoked wheel already. Rim wheels and hubs painted black, spokes stainless. Subframe cut shorter and reinforced to fit the tracker seat. Custom tail light lens shaped to fit with tracker seat pan with integrated brake and turn signals. Lithium battery box made for relocation under swing arm. Oem mudguard was kept to allow for area between motor and rear wheel, under seat, to be “storage” as one could strap a bag in that space. One-off clutch cover was made to accept the hydraulic clutch slave cylinder. Engine got the full wrinkle black paint treatment before reassembly. End of camshaft was chopped off to remove the mechanical fan, a custom block off plate was made to seal the engine. A much smaller radiator with a digital fan has been mounted. Two into one headers into a Supertrapp muffler, painted wrinkle black. Oil filter cover has been de-finned; speedo/tach unit provided by Daytona and the mini control switches have been integrated into the handlebars.