Building this bike out of South Africa was a massive challenge, with limited spare parts available, many parts had to be imported from the States and the UK, the rest we had to design and machine to suit. We chopped the bike up and only kept the motor, lower frame and driveshaft, radiator, carburettors and some minor electrical components. The frame was custom designed and hand built, welded into what was left of the lower frame section. An extensive swing arm modification was done in order to give the bike a beefier rear look with a modern mono shock and custom designed mounting unit unique to this bike. The front end is from a 1999 model superbike with custom designed Anodized Aluminium front hub, complete with double race discs. Both front and rear wheels are Excell Supermotard rims fitted with a set of Dunlop tyres. The spokes were made to suit, imported from the UK. The old cable clutch was converted to a hydraulic centre push Magura unit, a new clutch cover had to be re-designed to suit. The rear drum brake was replaced with a disc unit with all hoses being custom made braded hoses (for both front and rear sets). Another unique feature is the handmade tail section with all bolts and fitment lugs hidden to the eye. The carburettor intakes are from aftermarket VW intakes, chopped and re-sized to suit. Some trick bits that complete the bike includes LED bar-end indicators and in frame rear LED indicators, front head light is from a Harley Davidson and the rear sets are aftermarket superbike units. A newly designed radiator cover was waterjet cut and rivet assembled, limiting unsightly bolts in this area. A handmade seat complete with brown leather work compliments the leather tank mount straps. Needless to say, the wiring harness was, completely re-built with a new battery box and custom mini front fender. Most of the bolts on the bike were replaced with Stainless Steel bolts. We decided to keep the paint job simple, one toned silver with an off-set pop up fuel cap complimenting the fuel tank. The handmade stainless steel exhausts were finished off with twin Akropovic tail pieces.