Everything has been reviewed on this bike in order to completely modify the original line of the bike. I work on GSX 400 of 81 in very bad condition. My goal was to give it a cafe racer look directly inspired by British motorcycles from the 60s.

I have thus adapted a larger capacity tank to give it a more aggressive look. I adapted a Velocette fairing (the most critical point of project because the GSX 400 do not have fairings support on his frame).

I installed a Smiths digital chronometric speedo on the fairing to stay in the purest British tradition.

I made a solid mahogany hump. I chose mahogany for its color and I applied, for 6 months, 12 successive coats of varnish in order to obtain the effect of the Riva boat decks. The succession of varnish coats gives a mirror effect to the surface of the wood.

I reintegrated all the electrical part in order to no longer have side covers and thus lighten the style of the bike under the saddle.

The saddle was custom-made to integrate it perfectly into the motorcycle.

I installed clip-on and rear sets to have a more aggressive position on the bike.

I adapted aluminum mudguards and created the stainless steel supports.

I completely created a 2 in 1 exhaust line in high position in stainless steel which I then polished.
This stage of the project was also quite complicated because being a beginner in the manufacturing of custom exhaust, the first exhaust line I made was much too long and came into contact with the tire before the bike when the fork compressed… so I cut it and shortened it. Now it perfectly fits on the bike.

I created a side plate holder to make the license plate more discreet.
This project took me 5 years to achieve the end result.

everything is in my instagram profil, hope you will enjoy it !!