Although I have entered this bike in the WTF section I consider the bike to be ‘bike art'(bike porn).Fitted into the bags at the rear of the bike is 2 batteries, air compressor, 4ltr air tank, 2 air ride shocks, 2 lift cylinders, 4 electric to air solenoids and a ring gear fitted to the rear wheel and a 12 volt started motor to spin the back wheel so it can be clutch started from a stationary position. fitting all those components into the bags alone we a great feat. Fitted the IT490 motor to the CB frame still using the CB front forks and fitted a 23 inch XL front wheel. I used the headlight from an early buggatti. The tail light is from an early English pushbike. I kept the original expansion chamber and made a split twin muffler. The forward controls, gauges and set are made from bits and peaces laying around the shed, The bike is functional and rides well but you need to hang on when its on band.