My bike is a street legal homage to the fearless speedway riders I watched as a kid. I started with a busted down Yamaha SR 250 and was lucky enough to find an old speedway frame and started from there. The bike was hand built with basic tools a grinder a drill and my friends welder when I needed. Very few parts were outsourced ,basically the 23″ front wheel using the sr drum brake hub, l didn’t want to see a disk in the front wheel and I needed the Speedo drive.
The glass panels came from a English company called Firstglass and thats about it.
The fuel tank is made from the bottom of a fuel Jerrycan cut and modded to look the same as a speedway one but holds 4lts of fuel.
Speedway frames are very lightly built so I needed to change the head stock area and the down tube to meet up with the SR engine.
It was very tricky trying to add a complete wiring loom into a bike that had just a few wires but it has all lights,indicators,horn and electric start also. The license plate is designed to look like the dirt shield it was lower but once again I needed to change to meet legal requirements.
Like all custom bikes there is hundreds of little details to make a complete machine.
I wish it could be a 500cc but believe me it takes off from the green light just fine. I hope you liked my vision and thanks for reading..