The bike was completely stripped, detabbed, and powdercoated in gun metal gray. The rear wheel was relaced from a 16″ to 18″ and longer shocks added for additional ground clearance. The knobbies are not just for show, it is primarily ridden off road nowadays. The electrics were trimmed to a bare minimum, only keeping a headlight and brake light. In an effort to keep costs down lots of parts were either fabbed or reused from other motorbikes: the dual headlights are from a honda ruckus with fabbed mounts to fit in the stock location, the fenders were reused from an ’84 Moto Guzzi and they were cut and bent to fit.
The rear subframe was cut to fit and a hoop added to support the seat and rear fender. The seat too is a custom job to fit the style of the bike. The tank itself remains original as it has a great color with a bit of sparkle to it, however the mounts were moved to get rid of that “cruiser rake” it had.
The engine received a full tuneup along with some performance bits from Jadus Motorcycle. It now makes a heck of a noise, albeit while not going very fast.