I’ll break it down in a list as I’m sure you guys are tired , This is a bike for simple pleasure and the first of boxers I’ve done I didn’t want all the latest catalogue parts on it just stuff that does the job with personal touches ..
Frame has been powder coated, engine rebuilt. Custom subframe the seat is original but I’ve regaled and had my usual guy upholster and make the tank hand stitched strap.Custom hammer and chisel engravings throughout, custom tank apates to fit and finished with a gas cap I had made. Wheels using hubs from other models s/s spokes Excel rims . Subtle upgrades with brakes Daytona headlight and speedo suspension rear Hagen upfront progressive springs , British style mudguards, some tinkering with velocity stacks ridding the old air box and the thing runs sweet always a joy when I have a body on Spanish backroads . Doesn’t see much dirt but can’t call it The Rambler and not have tyres to suit tck80 great tyres.Few other things changed cheers guys keep up the inspiring work