We found this derelict Yamaha abandoned in a neighbors backyard . After a short chat & some beverages the XS400 was in our shop & torn down . To our surprise the engine was in fairly good condition as well as the frame . We set to work cutting , chopping & fabricating nearly all the the parts for the Yamaha . The original wiring harness was missing , so we completely re-wired the bike as well as relocating all the electronics under the custom cafe seat . The frame was modified & Rear sets installed to provide an aggressive riding stance . We decided on flat black with white stripping for a blue collar look & of course the red frame to tie in out company colors . The custom exhaust is one of our favorite parts of the bike , a classic look with a good snap . The Cherry on the cake for us was the brushed aluminum velocity stacks . We were delighted to take this bike from its lonesome existence & put it back on the street in style!