So I’ve bought this bike to an old men who doesn’t ride it anymore essentially because he had a small accident on the road with it. The bike was not in good conditions, rust, mud, broken plastics, some weird electric thing on the OEM harness and of course the motor wasn’t running like he should.

The next day of the purchase, I’ve already disassemble all the parts of the frame and begin to imagine the future shape of the build. My build axes were inspired by vintage cross bikes and few modern scrambler build like we can see on Instagram and Pinterest.

The build took me more than one year and here is all the modification I’ve made :
– custom rear frame with custom saddle
– adaptation of a Suzuki LS 650 Savage tank with the integrated odometer
– custom headlight plate with LED lighting
– complete restoration of the motor and external parts (carburation etc…) But I wanted to don’t paint it and keep it’s original aged look.
– custom electrical harness, smaller than the OEM and simplified
– custom paint job at the colors of my Bell Moto 3 Chemical Candy helmet to have a match between the bike and me
– custom exhaust
– and lot of other modification that took me much time LMAO