The fuel tank is a stock Virago tank lifted four inches in the back with handmade coves and new chrome Jackson logos.
We removed the troublesome 1983 engine (it ran like crap and had the typical “box of rocks” starting noise) and replaced with a new-er 1988 engine and wire harness. Cleaned, prepped and painted the engine gloss black and added a full set of stainless steel screws.
We handbuilt a pie-cut stainless steel exhaust snaked around the engine to two staggered exhaust tips and tuned them for some loud and proud V-twin thunder.
Upgraded the sloppy handling stock front end with a complete 2003 R1 USD front end.
Added a set of Mikuni VM34-275 carbs jetted and modified for max performance and mated to a set of modified TC Brothers XS650 intake manifolds.
Handmade an under frame battery box to hide the battery and help keep the rest of the bike lines clean.
Installed a set of Dime City Cycles rear sets mounted on hand made brackets to move the foot position forward, and up for a much more aggressive and much more comfortable riding position than the typical Virago (most Virago builds put your foot position too far behind you). From my motocross days, for the best control of the bike, my belief is that your feet should be directly under your nuts (or your hoo-hoo if your a girl).
Built a rear subframe from the steel of the original subframe with a flush mount multifunction LED tail light and turn signal light bar.
The custom built headlight bracket is holding a 7” projector HID LED Headlamp “bulb” (yep, no bucket). Drilled holes in the bulb’s heat sink so we could ditch the bucket and get the headlight tucked in closer to the forks for a cleaner look.
Removed the front brake fluid reservoir for a race inspired clear tube and stainless steel stabilizing mounting bracket.
Seeing that the bike was heading to a “black and chrome” color scheme, we went for a high gloss black paint so that every edge would catch the light and bring out the details.