I put about 2 years in slowly rebuilding this bike. Partly to teach my girlfriend a few things along the way, since she was becoming interested in dirty hands.
We used a Hageman subframe and seat to keep things fairly bolt-on. An Antigravity 12 cell fits underneath with the reworked electrical harness and relays. Lighting is LED all around whith the exemption of the frenched halogen headlight.
The carbs were rebuilt and jetted to work with a customized set of XV1100 pipes, and a stock-sized airbox made to sit tighter to the frame.
Dime city had great Rearsets that took us a couple tries but work great now. Controls up front are adjustable and mounted on clip-on bars, along with the mirrors. The front suspension was polished, rebuilt and modified a bit to help with the forward center of gravity. A steering stabilizer and front wheel conversion kit were also bought so we could run a 130/90-16 just like the back. The dual gauges are simple but work great.
My girlfriend is a space nut and, as it was the 50th anniversary of the apollo landing, she named it Apollo. We learned, and continue to learn a lot with this one. We’re happy to have it.