Well…I was contracted to build this for a business owner in DC. The customer was a nightmare, but I sought to try out every idea I’d been wanting to do in one cohesive bike. The bike was stripped to nothing but the engine and main frame section. I converted the dual shock model to a single shock, fabricating a hefty shock mount and using a big ol Progressive shock. The subframe was built with a section under the seat for an inlaid LED tail light/turn signal bar and made specifically to hide the main support/ seat mount and wiring. I honestly don’t like the floating seat look and it makes me nervous, haha, so I added two supports for asthetic and balance. Taking cues from chopper builds of friends, I mounted the rear fender on the swingarm and made a hefty and asymmetrical fender strut. The front fender and struts were individually made following the same lines as the rear. All the controls were inlaid into a set of Renthal bars, and I customized some yamaha R1 clutch and brake perches to fit. The grips are Vans waffle grips for a BMX bike, and the Motogadget gauge is inlaid into the bar mounts (made by cognito moto). Cognito also cut me a set of custom tripples to mount the 2014 gsxr1000 forks and maintain a proper suspension angle. I then learned to 3d model a bit and engineered some brake adapters to make the rotors mate to the 1988 r100 model cast aluminum rims. The battery box is handmade and mounted under the transmission, housing a Shorai battery and the top of the engine is covered with a Boxer Metal shroud, housing the new fuse box and battery cables. Boxer Metal also provided the rear sets, which I had to fabricate mounting plates for. This was also my first custom exhaust, routed under the seat, with a decent air gap and heat shielding, to make it surprisingly not hot on your legs and bum. The paint is a satin urethane black with gunmetal pinstriping and the wheels are a gunmetal with satin black accenting. I also put the kill switch and headlight switch on the headlight, giving homage to old european bikes. I think thats it! Sorry that was long, I literally did a million weird things to this bike. oh and PS I worked out of community garages, moving twice while building this and finishing it in my parents garage with a crappy harbor freight welder after no longer having access to a TIG. Thanks!!!