The model of the motorcycle is a Kawasaki GPz 750 Unitrack, and it was made in 1984. The condition of the motorcycle was very bad. The motorcycle was completely disassembled, the engine was serviced, the carburetors were repaired and after that the motorcycle was revived. The frame is sandblasted and painted black. Every screw on the motorcycle is cleaned and galvanized. The brakes were completely serviced and brake pads and hoses were installed. The electrical installation is completely new. The seat is handmade. The color is PPG matt bronze. The exhaust is Sebring, the muffler is SC project. Headlight and tail light, instruments, mirrors and front fender are aftermarket. The tires are Pirelli Scorpion. About 300 working hours were spent on the project. I worked on the whole project alone, with the occasional help of friends.