This is the first bike I build. It has been changed over the course of a few winters. Initially primarily cosmetic changes, but now engine, transmission and suspension is also completely transformed.

The engine is 1225cc engine from a Moto Guzzi MGS, with a programmable fuel injection and custom exhaust. I haven’t had the bike on a dyno, but should be more than the stock 125hp. The gearbox is a straight cut, close ratio item, which was a performance option for the Le Mans. Wheels are magnesium from Marvic. In order accommodate the modern wheel size. The front end has been upgraded to an Öhlins USD from a Ducati 1098 WSBK, and rear swing arm from Radical Guzzi.

The fairing is a based on Stucci item which was an option on the Le Mans. But cut down in profile to provide a lower profile. I wanted to keep the square headlight. The dual round headlight had already been done, and the square headlight is so 80’s. The actual headlight is a LED unit to a Jeep.

It has also been treated to most of what Motogadget has to offer.

It is my dream bike, and I hope you like it.